Saba’s home healthcare services offer patients of all ages world-class treatment in the comfort of their own homes, where they can be surrounded by their loved ones and benefit from the support of our highly-qualified medical practitioners

Our Home Services team:

Saba Medical Clinics’ home services team provide the very best home support available.  Our highly-skilled and professional team offer you the following home services:

  • Home service healthcare
  • A team of highly-qualified doctors
  • A dedicated team of nurses
  • A physiotherapy team
  • Laboratory services
  • Pharmaceutical services
  • Intravenous Therapy (IV)

Patients who require nursing services at home:

  • A patient who has recently been discharged from hospital and whose condition needs further monitoring
  • A patient with multiple ailments
  • Patients at risk of dangerous relapses in health
  • Patients who require multiple hospital visits
  • Patients with chronic illnesses
  • Patients who are taking multiple medications and need to be monitored
  • Patients who need continuous IV treatments
  • Patients in need of continuous medical support, catheterization or a feeding tube
  • Patients with cuts which require periodic disinfecting and the removal of surgical sutures
  • Patients with unstable vital signs
  • Patients who need continuous monitoring before an accurate diagnosis, or who need a complex ongoing form of treatment under medical supervision
  • Patients in critical condition