Dr. Ashraf is very excellent and his approach is wonderful. He explained the procedure in detail, clarified and supervised all preoperative steps, such as x-rays and analysis, and I am still following up with him today.
Dr. Ashraf Fawaz10/
Adham Adel Khaimi
I am incredibly thankful to the doctor for his exceptional care and treatment. I underwent the balloon operation two months ago and had an excellent experience, with results of weight loss appearing soon after. The doctor was very helpful in explaining the balloon procedure and guiding me through the process.
Dr. Amjad Kamil10/
Abu Ahmad
I underwent the Smart Capsule procedure under the supervision of Dr. Amjad Kamel, who is an excellent and compassionate doctor. During the first week, I felt slight discomfort if I ate for a long time. After that, the discomfort subsided and Dr. Kamel followed up with me for the entire period. I have lost 12 kilos and am satisfied with the current result and intend to continue the procedure.
Dr. Amjad Kamil10/
Abdul Rahman Al-Ghamdi
I am eternally grateful to her for her guidance and supervision, in addition to the appropriately formulated nutrition plan and continuous engagement. Thanks to her, I was able to lose 12kgs and achieve my weight loss goals.
Specialist Hiba Bakhriba10/
Um Abdel Rahman
I consulted him regarding chest pain in addition to constant pain and swelling in my abdomen, which he accurately diagnosed and effectively treated. I was impressed by his excellence in providing care and his demeanor towards patients to always greet them with a smile which helps relieves tension and makes them feel at ease.
Dr. Faris Sukkar10/
Abdel Al-Majid Al-Korni

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