Ear, Nose, and Throat – ENT

Saba Medical Clinics offer the highest-quality services when it comes to ENT treatment. Our specialists work to diagnose and treat any ailments or symptoms that may affect the ear, nose or throat, as well as conditions affecting the head and neck. We only employ the most well-qualified staff, who work around the clock to give patients all the care they need.

Here are some of the services our ENT clinic offers:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of various ear, nose and throat diseases
  • Examination of the ear using an otoscope
  • Ear irrigation procedures when necessary
  • Removal of outer ear abscesses and changing wound dressing
  • Nose cauterization
  • Measurement of ear pressure and ear canal
  • Treatment of frequent nosebleeds as well as the removal of foreign bodies in the ears, nose or throat
  • Ear health inspection and check-up, as well as evaluating a patient’s ability to hear using an audiometer and treatments for sinus problems
  • Treatment of frequent nosebleeds through the cauterization method, as well as removal of fat deposits near the ear under a local anesthetic
  • Nasal fracture repositioning and the application of a cast
  • Minor surgeries such as:
    1. Tonsil removal and cyst or lump removal from behind the ear
    2. Septoplasty (repairing a deviated septum)
    3. Removal of nasal polyps and treatment of workplace-related injuries