General Surgery

The general surgery department of Saba Medical Clinics is headed by one of the world’s leading surgery specialists, who works with the utmost professionalism and precision to ensure patients and their families receive the best possible care. Because we strive to achieve excellence in everything we do, we recruit only the most skilled surgeons and dedicated nursing teams available, ensuring patients feel confident that they are in safe hands.

Below are some of the services our general surgery department offers:

  • Assessing whether patients require a surgical procedure, as well as treating some cases of burns and skeletal problems
  • Non-surgical fat removal using laser liposuction under a local anesthetic
  • Surgical procedures which require both a local or general anesthetic
  • Treating patients with diabetic foot conditions
  • Child circumcision
  • Surgical removal of abscesses
  • Surgical removal of lipoma
  • Treating hernias through surgery, as well as carrying out gallbladder surgery and thyroid or appendix procedures