Saba Medical Clinics’ ophthalmology surgery is considered one of the world’s leading ophthalmology clinics.  We employ only the most highly-trained ophthalmologists working in the region, to ensure our patients get the very best visual health treatment.

Some of the services our ophthalmology clinic offers include:

  • Comprehensive eye examinations to assess vision and the ability to focus on objects
  • Eye strength examinations using a state-of-the-art automated refractor
  • Conducting fundoscopies in patients suffering from diabetes, as well testing for retinopathy in patients suffering from diabetes or any other disease affecting the retina
  • Eye pressure measurements and the treatment of glaucoma
  • Minor surgical procedures such as xanthelasma removal (removal of cholesterol fat deposits near the eye) and the treatment of blocked tear ducts
  • Treatment of work-related injuries such as upper eyelid laceration, with the help of medical sutures
  • Full eye examinations, including a retinal exam and fundoscopy