Nothing matters more than the health of your children, which is why we strive to give them the best healthcare available.  We tailor our services to perfectly suit their needs, giving you the peace of mind which comes with knowing your children are in safe hands.  We take our caring responsibilities very seriously and work hard to ensure that Saba Medical Clinics are on hand to help around the clock, giving our youngest patients the physical and emotional care they deserve.

Saba Medical Clinics’ pediatric clinics include the following services:

  • Measuring your child’s weight and body temperature before offering an in-depth explanation of the symptoms and history of their illness, followed by further physical examinations and check-ups
  • Examining and treating any UTIs or cases of incontinence, as well as following up and treating pediatric rheumatic diseases
  • Documenting mental and physical growth, especially during a child’s early years
  • All necessary examinations and check-ups, including X-rays and lab tests
  • Treating and monitoring asthma using state-of-the-art technology
  • All necessary childhood vaccinations
  • Treating emergency cases with the most advanced medical equipment, as well as taking in more minor or short-term cases
  • Overseeing all necessary medical treatments, such as administering shots, oxygen therapy sessions and the administration of intravenous solutions
  • Routine check-ups of newborns, as well as continued growth monitoring, the diagnosis of any hereditary illnesses and the monitoring of any mental or physical developmental delays
  • Diagnosing and treating respiratory diseases, as well as chronic or acute digestive disorders
  • Diagnosing and treating asthma symptoms and allergic reactions
  • Diagnosing and treating abdominal pain or dehydration
  • Routine check-ups of children during their school years, as well as administering required vaccinations and the treatment of conditions identified during check-ups
  • Evaluating asthma-related chest pains in children using an oximeter to determine blood-oxygen levels, as well as using a nebulizer to treat childhood asthma
  • Offering all necessary injections in our pediatric emergency room
  • Our team of ER nurses have been widely commended for their efficiency in dealing with children of all ages