Dr. Massad Al Ghatouri

Specialist in Internal Medicine

Qualified in: 1977 Speaks:
  • Arabic
  • English

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About Dr. Massad Al Ghatouri

Dr. Al Ghatouri received his BSc in Medicine and Surgery from Ain Al Shams University in 1977, followed by a diploma in ER from Dar Al Hikma in 1986. He also holds a Master’s in Endocrinology and Diabetes from Ain Al Shams University.

Dr. Al Ghatouri worked at an ER in a military hospital in Khamis Mushait, as well as having been head of the Endocrinology and Diabetes Department of Sultan Qaboos Hospital in Oman and head of medicine at Vaccera in Egypt.

Doctor Al Ghatouri joined Saba Medical Clinics in 2011, having specialized in internal medicine in general and majored in endocrinology and diabetes.

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Special Services

  • Dealing with Diabetes and Diabetic Foot
  • Emergency Diploma
  • MA in Internal Medicine
  • MSc Endocrinology and Diabetology

Internal Medicine

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