Dr. Radwan Shahid

General Doctor

Qualified in: 2009 Languages:
  • Arabic
  • English


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About Dr. Radwan Shahid

Dr. Rizwan completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from Bakai Medical University in Pakistan in 2009. Subsequently, he achieved the first and second parts of a prestigious British Fellowship in Internal Medicine. His professional journey includes six months of dedicated experience at a specialized center for liver diseases in Pakistan, two years at the Faisalabad Heart Institute, and a remarkable ten years of expertise at Watanak Clinics.

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Special Services

  • Diarrhea vomiting and fever
  • Head injuries cuts and bleeding
  • Severe abdominal and chest pain

General Medicine

We provide personalized consultations, accurate diagnoses, and effective treatment options for all health-related concerns to ensure optimal care. In addition to the latest non-surgical treatments, our team of highly qualified surgeons offers surgical intervention when required. Furthermore, our clinic is fully-equipped with an Intensive Care Unit to ensure our patients receive the care they need when they need it.

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