Home Healthcare

We care passionately about patient choice, which is why we offer bespoke home nursing packages which allow you to retain a sense of privacy and independence whilst undergoing treatment.  Our staff are able to care for patients in their own homes, ensuring they remain in familiar surroundings and are able to live as normal a life as possible

Our Services:

Saba Medical Clinics specializes in the following services:

Physical and occupational therapy
Regular doctor visits
Diagnostic and lab home services
Nursing services
Pharmaceutical services

Who is eligible for home services?

Patients who have just been discharged from hospital but still require ongoing medical attention
Patients who still require IVs or injections
Patients who are susceptible to bedsores (pressure ulcers), or who have wounds which need tending to
Patients with chronic diseases

Why choose home services?

To reduce hospital and treatment bills and other medical expenses

To help the patient’s family and loved ones as well as providing the patient with the care they need

To avoid any infectious diseases which may occur during long stays in hospital

To reduce patient distress by offering them a comfortable stay and care in familiar surroundings