Dr. Nuha Al Khatabi

Specialist, Physiotherapy

Qualified in: 2005 Languages:
  • Arabic
  • English


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About Dr. Nuha Al Khatabi

Dr. Nuha Al Khatabi is a Specialist in the Department of Physiotherapy at Saba Medical Clinics, a Specialist who provides physiotherapy-related services in the comfort of your home.

Graduating from Misr University of Science and Technology in 2005, Dr. Al Khatabi has four years of experience in managing homecare services and postoperative or post-injury rehabilitation.

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Special Services

  • Balance disorder treatment for the elderly and clinical problem reduction
  • Follow-up of therapeutic locomotor rehabilitation after a stroke
  • Follow-up of therapeutic rehabilitation for accidents and surgeries
  • Joint pain,back pain,and sports injury follow-up and treatment
  • Motor rehabilitation and pain relief programs through homecare service
  • Treatment of diseases of nerves,muscles,and the skeletal system


This clinic consists of two branches, one for female patients and another for male patients, with each branch staffed by the best technicians and the most knowledgeable physiotherapists available. Our physiotherapists do not focus solely on the treatment and diagnosis of injuries, but also work with patients and their families to educate them about the injury and the recovery process, or how to prevent further injuries caused by bad posture or particular movements which may hurt the body. They also teach patients how to maintain their physical health and explain the lifestyle changes needed to regain normalcy post-injury

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