Body Sculpting

The problem:

This method is ideal for breaking down fat in specific areas of the body, leaving the patient looking slimmer and giving them a more pleasing figure.

The Cryilipolysis machine helps make certain body parts appear thinner by freezing fat in those areas without affecting surrounding tissue. The cryo machine also helps with sagging skin, and in tightening any loose skin post-weight loss.

The solution

Body sculpting greatly reduces fat deposits in the skin

Before the procedure

Our doctors will discuss a plan for your treatment which is based on your specifics needs, and you may only require one session in order to see the desired result.  With multiple treatment options available to you, our team will ensure you receive a bespoke package which will deliver the best possible outcome.

During the procedure

CoolSculpting helps reshape the body using a technique which safely and accurately freezes the desired area, eliminating fat deposits in a minimally invasive manner. The fat deposits are frozen so that they solidify and die, with the body then disposing of them naturally and leaving you with a slimmer figure

After the procedure

The fat deposits which are targeted during this procedure are frozen so that they die off and are naturally removed by the body. This helps to create a slimmer figure, and the results can be very long-lasting.

The benefits of this procedure

SFDA approved
Safe and accurate
More targeted than liposuction
Non-invasive procedure

How it works

Most people have stubborn fat deposits which can rarely be removed through dieting and exercise alone.
CoolSculpting accurately targets and freezes the fat tissue, killing it off so that it can be naturally removed by the body.
Over the next few weeks, you can expect your body to naturally process the frozen fat and dispel the dead tissue.
The results of this procedure are long-lasting and lead to the long-term removal of fat.