Gastric Balloon

The problem

A lot of people find weight loss a very difficult process.  No matter how hard they try to diet and take regular exercise, some people will still struggle to shed excess fat and sometimes lose hope altogether.

Some people may actually fear weight loss surgeries more than they fear the impact of being overweight might have on their long-term health.

The solution

Gastric Balloon

In this procedure, the doctor uses an endoscope to insert a deflated gastric balloon through the mouth and esophagus, guiding it to the stomach where a tube is used to inflate the balloon with a saline liquid. The balloon then takes up about 40% of the space in the stomach, which in turn helps the patient feel fuller on a smaller amount of food.

Patients are recommended to stick to a liquid diet during the first week post-operation, after which the patient can eat normally within the boundaries laid out by their doctor and nutritionist.

Feel fuller faster Encourages 30% fat loss during six months

Benefits of the procedure

No surgery required / minimally invasive
Faster recovery time
Reduced risk of post-op complications
Reduced risk of malnutrition
Procedure can be easily reversed

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